Flat-rate IT Support

Everything you need for one flat rate.

Flat-rate IT provides many cost benefits

Having a successful business includes creating a manageable budget. Surprise costs and fees make this task completely impossible when dealing with the break/fix model. Your costs one month might be close to nothing, and then the next month they skyrocket with your productivity ground to a halt while you’re paying a technician for the expensive repairs to your equipment. There’s no way to account for these events, or to even know if they could have been prevented in the first place without a managed services provider. Planning a budget is much easier to achieve when your IT services are consistent with flat-rate monthly payments.


Eliminate the guesswork by outsourcing your IT with Exsenic IT Solutions, effectively removing the impossible task of budgeting for IT while dealing with the possibility of broken circumstances. No longer will you need to move funds from other areas of your business to fund these costly repairs because of the difficulty of planning budget estimates. As a result, your budget will not be subjected to the ups and downs these uncontrollable circumstances provide.

Exsenic IT Solutions can deliver consistency, allowing you to direct the money you save through flat-fee services to more important business needs, like hiring new employees or investing in technology upgrades that can increase your profitability. Let’s not forget that the proactive approach to maintenance also reduces the overall amount of issues and downtime that your company’s systems would have encountered.

Our flat-fee pricing is tailored solution that fits your individual business and all of your IT needs.

IT Services Included For One Flat-Fee per Month

Unlimited Remote Support*

Unlimited on Site Support*

Next Gen Firewall

Next Gen Anti-Virus

Server & Workstation Monitoring

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

IT Consultations

Dedicated vCIO

Cloud Servers (Extra fee)

Daily/Weekly Backups

Network Administration

Weekly Backup Testing


Emergency After-Hours Support*



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