A proven process that works for you.

Using our founder’s military experience, we’ve streamlined our proven process to give our clients a competitive edge. 

This proven process, on average, increases our client’s billable hours by 20% in 90 days without adding new staff or tech bloat.

Each phase is meticulously planned to enable our clients to operate more effectively, prepare for the future, and experience continued business growth. 

Your path to success starts here.

1. Foundation

The foundation phase is critical. A good builder will tell you, "Problems with the foundation will follow you all the way to the roof."

Similarly, laying the proper foundation is critical in the protection and optimization of your systems, which ultimately turns into more billable hours for you.

Foundation phase

1. Contingency Planning
   a. Situational assessment
   b. Meet to review potential alignment
   c. Backup critical infrastructure and Data

2. Strategy
   a. Environment and budget understanding
   b. Documentation
   c. Exploration of goals and objectives

3. Integration
   a. Monitoring and guidance to confirm effective adoption
   b. System monitoring Deployment programmed to ensure success
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2. Protect

Cybersecurity, much like security on a military base, has layers. Those layers and checkpoints are designed to protect mission critical assets from theft, espionage, and/or possible destruction

Protection phase

1. Perimeter
   a. Create a "safe zone" within the network
   b. Implement secure wireless access
2. Security Detail
   a. Protect critical assets and users
   b. Endpoint protection with detection and response

3. Forward Defense Systems
   a. Web threat protection
   b. Advanced email protection

3. Optimize ​

Once your foundation is laid and your business is protected, we can begin to optimize your computer systems to eliminate waste, increase productivity, and ultimately increase profits.

Optimize phase

1. Evaluate
   a. Time-study of technology systems
   b. Analysis of trends and metrics to adjust as needed

2. Maximize
   a. Alignment of value-added solutions
   b. Automate repeatable tasks
   c. Continuous improvement for highest impact

3. Fine-tune
   a. Ongoing monitoring of IT functionality
   b. Short and long-term vision planning
   c. Comprehensive guidance and support