Remote IT Support

Support delivered quickly and efficiently.

Are you tired of waiting for a technician during costly outages?

Today, most problems that arise can be handled by a technician remotely which eliminates unnecessary and costly site visits while getting your systems back up and running much quicker than waiting for a technician to travel to your office.

What is Remote IT Support?

With the use of remote access tools our technicians are able to access your systems from a remote location. Gone are the days where you are waiting, sometimes for hours, for a technician to arrive at your business to solve a problem with your computer systems. 

smiling friendly woman operator monitoring customer computer through remote system and using computer typing data code to solving problem.

What happens when a technician can't solve the problem remotely?

Remote doesn’t always mean “Remote.” Our Remote IT Support services operate on a flat-rate fee per month, which includes on-site visits when necessary. If a technician determines the problem cannot be resolved remotely, they will immediately dispatch to your office to fix the problem.

Main Advantages to Remote IT Support:

  • Flexibility

    With our remote access tools, we are able to immediately respond to and resolve most trouble tickets with the ability to travel to site when necessary, eliminating unnecessary and costly site visits.

  • Lower cost

    Because we are able to resolve most issues remotely, we do not need to send a technician to your office for every situation. This is an immediate cost saving because we are reducing the amount of time your systems are down and as a bonus, you're not paying hourly for a site visit when needed because site visits are included.

  • Automation

    With 24/7 access, Exsenic IT is able to resolve minor issues that could eventually turn into major problems before you even know they existed. We are constantly monitoring your systems for these tell-tail signs that indicate when there is going to be a potential problem.

What are my other options?

You can continue the aged-old method of break-fix, which we explain here in our whitepaper, or you could bring IT in house. However, even having just one technician on payroll can cost upwards of $65,000 per year or more. Add in the cost of tools like Antivirus, Office 365, backup server, and a firewall, you can see the costs add up very quickly.

Our flat-rate IT Support is just a fraction of that cost and you’ll have access to our entire team of experts and all the tools needed to manage all of your IT needs, complete with 24/7 monitoring, help desk, with unlimited remote and on-site support during business hours.

The choice is clear.

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