Business Cloud Solutions

Is your business ready to make the move into the cloud?

What is the cloud anyway?

As we like to say, the cloud is just a fancy word for someone else’s computer. More like someone else’s servers located in a secure data center to be exact. Instead of paying up front for your own infrastructure, you are paying a hosting provider for the right to utilize their infrastructure. This can have many great benefits, but it doesn’t always make sense for every business. It’s our job as your trusted advisers to make sure you make the right decision for your specific business’s needs.

What are the benefits to utilizing the cloud?

  • Cost savings

    With the cloud, you won't need to pay the up front costs of hardware plus the added support cost necessary for that piece of hardware. You'll even get the best servers at no additional cost.

  • Security

    Utilizing the cloud gives you the top of the line security provided by that data center. Physical access to your data is highly restricted, locked and guarded with 24/7 on-site security, and is protected by the data center's elite high-level firewalls.

  • Scalable

    Does your company ever intend on growing? With the cloud, you won't have to worry about purchasing equipment that you might out-grow in the future with the scalability of the cloud enabling you to add more resources on-demand.

  • Reliability

    The reliability of data center infrastructure is highly sophisticated. With the use of backup battery systems, backup generators and high-flow cooling units your data will always be protected during a power outage. This is not typical of any in-house solution.

When is it not a good idea to move completely to the cloud?

  • Slow or Unreliable Internet

    Because the cloud is completely dependent on your access to the internet, it is unwise to move your companies infrastructure to the cloud if you do not have a fast, reliable internet connection.

  • Very large data files

    If you are transferring very large data files on a regular basis, it might be better to utilize a hybrid solution that enables you to keep those large files locally to avoid the high costs of data transfer when utilizing the cloud.

  • High-end GPU needs

    For clients that have need of high-end GPUs we normally do not suggest they move completely to the cloud. Again, a hybrid solution would typically be better to save on the high costs of cloud GPUs.

Thinking about moving to the cloud?
Our experts can help you figure out if moving to the cloud is right for your business.