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Cloud Solutions

Powerful, Scalable and Cost-Effective Business Cloud Solutions.

Unleash The Benefits of the cloud

Discover what the cloud can offer to your business

For most businesses, taking their data and service hosting to the cloud is a great way to increase performance, reliability and scalability, while simplifying the management of their infrastructure. The cloud also offers a solution that can lower hosting and infrastructure costs, giving your business the best of both worlds. 

Remove the need to pay upfront hardware costs for your hosting plus the additional costs of maintaining it. Instead, you can pay for hosting on a more precise and flexible ‘pay for what you use’ model each month, while also accessing some of the best servers on the market. 

Two consultants in sever room helping with cloud solutions

Cloud service providers put a range of measures in place to ensure that if a server or connection does not work as intended, there are failover mechanisms in place that ensure the service continues to be delivered, offering more reliability compared to most on-premise setups. 

Close up of a desktop that is on a cloud network

Tap into the enterprise-grade protection offered by cloud hosting service providers, including advanced encryption, firewalls, and extensive physical security for your servers at the provider’s data centres. 

Cloud hosted services are able to scale automatically or at the push of a button. Whether it’s adding a new virtual desktop account or expanding your data storage and transfer demands, cloud solutions are able to make expanding your business a smoother process. 

Interior of empty data centre office with multiple computer screens showing programming line codes used as a hosted desktop

Our Business Cloud Solutions

Cloud Implementation and management services

We take care to ensure that our cloud solutions are right for your business in terms of meeting its needs and achieving its goals ahead of implementation, ensuring that it can meet the financial and operational needs of your business. 

Cloud Migrations

Tap Into The Power Of The Cloud

We offer migration assessments and secure migration services for your data and services, enabling businesses to tap into the range of benefits that the cloud can offer.

Cloud Security

Secure Your Hardware & Data

We offer encryption, access controls, application updates, secure firewalls, and 24/7 cloud monitoring tools to ensure the security of your cloud environment.

Hosted Desktop Solutions

Enable Secure Remote Access

Enable your team to securely access on-premises desktops remotely using a streamlined and easy to manage solution, enabling you to tap into secure and policy-compliant remote access to your desktops and network.

Cloud Management

Business Cloud Management

We can take care of your cloud hosting and applications using monitoring and optimization tools that ensure uptime and performance, while helping your business to lower its hosting costs.

Unsure About Your Cyber Security Posture?
Get a Cybersecurity Assessment from Us

Detect vulnerabilities, find out how to address them with actionable insights, and empower the security of your business today and tomorrow. 

Cropped photo of modern telecommunication equipment in server room

Making Accessing the cloud easy

We do the work, you reap the benefits

Tap into the benefits of lower costs, better performance, and enhanced scalability for your business. We take care to make the process undisrupted and smooth for your business, while ensuring beforehand that it is the right decision for you. 

Expand Your Capabilities

Unlock Flexibility And Scalability

Enable efficient and secure remote working and growth for your business. With the cloud, your business will be in a better position to grow, without needing to worry about making sure that its infrastructure can keep up. 

Storage racks aligned in a computer server room
low shot of a server room for storing hosted desktops

Hosted Desktop

Enable Secure Remote Work

Hosted desktop solutions enable your team to securely access their devices and company network remotely using any internet connected smart device, while making it much easier to remotely enforce your IT policy and cybersecurity controls in your business. They are also a great solution for enhancing business continuity, operational flexibility, and can be a cost-effective, scalable and high-performance workplace solution. 

Unsure About Your Cyber Security Posture?
Get a Cybersecurity Assessment from Us

Detect vulnerabilities, find out how to address them with actionable insights, and empower the security of your business today and tomorrow.