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Cybersecurity Assessments

Affordable and highly-effective, use our assessment to find and seal vulnerabilities in your business

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Validate And Enhance Your Security Posture

Shine a Light On Your Security

Most SMEs are operating in the dark when it comes to their cyber security posture. Our cybersecurity assessment packages give an affordable way to shine a light on your cyber security posture and vulnerabilities, while also giving practical support that upgrade your cyber security measures for data protection, user accounts, and network security. Both of our cyber assessment packages offer a highly cost-effective way to seal off your business’s cyber vulnerabilities, enabling you to focus on your growth and success.

Core Cybersecurity Assessment

Just $395 For:

Our core cybersecurity assessment service gives your business a thorough review and boost of its core cyber security assets, including your people! 

We undertake a detailed review of your Microsoft Office 365 environment and enhance core security settings, including email security, to safeguard against phishing, malware and other threats. We will implement measures such as email filtering and anti-malware measures too boost your security. 

Alongside this, we will review the security of your account authentication and improve these settings, implement data loss prevention basics for your business to protect sensitive information, and give you recommendations for better securing and monitoring your critical data. 

Finally, we offer a thorough cyber security user awareness training session to your team, to empower them to be your greatest cybersecurity asset.

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Extended Cybersecurity Assessment

$895 for:


Secure Your Peace Of Mind With Our Military-Grade Cybersecurity Assessment Packages​

Uncertain about your cybersecurity posture? Need a hand with applying a cost-effective yet robust set of defenses? We can help! 

Book a free consultation today; we are happy to answer your questions, provide insights, and walk you through our cybersecurity assessment packages; we don’t just give your business insights, we put them into practice for you. Ensure your business is on a secure and resilient path to success, by booking in your discovery call today.