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Revolutionize Your IT Strategy

Expert Consulting for Smarter Solutions and Remarkable Achievements

Your Virtual Chief Information OFficer (vCIO)

Innovate and grow

A vCIO helps businesses to use IT solutions to achieve their business goals, acting as a trusted extension to their team. They do this by acting as a guide, helping with IT planning, and finding ways to use technology to elevate security, productivity, efficiency and profitability. With the right technology partner, businesses can tap into a range of immediate and long term benefits, including: 

The right technology can enable your business to achieve more while using less, scale more easily, achieve a faster and more reliable IT infrastructure, and integrate its tools and workflows together. By tapping into these technologies, your business will be able to enhance its productivity, save time, scale more easily, and deliver even more exceptional outcomes for its customers. 

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With an expert in cybersecurity and IT compliance solutions working with your your team, your business will be able to systematically reduce risks and gaps in compliance, enabling it to stay secure and adhere to its compliance requirements as it continues to grow and evolve. 

With an technology partner on your side, you can gain clarity into your short term and longer term IT needs and the best solutions to help you at each step of your commercial journey. 

As your vCIO, we will be able to support you to keep technology aligned with your business’s needs and goals, offering a holistic perspective that takes a range of considerations into account across your applications, infrastructure, network. This will help your business’s IT environment to support continuous performance, reliability, and scalability for your business, keeping your IT backing your growth, rather than getting in the way of it. 

Business IT Consulting and vCIO Services

Your Strategic Technology Partner

Alongside ad-hoc IT consulting, our vCIO services include:

IT Consulting

Overcome IT Challenges

Obstacle or opportunity, you can consult with Exsenic's experts to get actionable insights for your business. We listen and ask questions to get to the core of your challenges and the best solutions for your business.

Technology Roadmap

Pair Technology With Your Goals

Technology roadmaps are practical plans for implementing specific new IT solutions in your business. We can help you to find, plan and implement technology roadmaps for your business.

IT Strategy

Succeed With Technology

IT strategies are a broader directing framework of goals and strategies for using IT to achieve your business's wider goals. We can help you to develop and implement an IT strategy that empowers growth, lowers costs, and keeps IT aligned with your business.


Empower Compliance With IT

Leverage our expertise to your devices, applications and infrastructure aligned with data protection regulations, saving time, giving peace of mind, and giving more observability and control over your compliance.

Worried About Your Cyber Security?
Get a Cybersecurity Assessment from Us

If you’re worried about your cybersecurity posture and want to get clarity and support, we’re here to help.

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Regular Meetings

A Strategic Partner You Can Rely On

Our vCIO service includes regular meetings where we discuss the possibilities that technology can offer for making operating and growing your business more simple, efficient and secure, while remaining aligned with your regulatory requirements. 

Planning Support

Create Clarity and alignment

We offer direct assistance with planning and crafting technology roadmaps and IT strategies that support you to achieve your goals with the help of technology. By using better technology solutions, you can get ahead of the competition and deliver superior customer experiences. 

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Enabling Your Success

We don’t just leave you in the deep end! Exsenic will also be able to help you to directly implement technology projects and bring your IT plans to life, serving as your guide and enabler for IT success. 

Unsure About Your Cyber Security?
Get a Cybersecurity Assessment from Us

Detect vulnerabilities, find out how to address them with actionable insights, and empower the security of your business today and tomorrow.