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Secure Your Business And Empower Data Protection Compliance

Gain Undisrupted Focus On Your Business

Minimize Cyber Risks

Many businesses learn too late how important cybersecurity is and how costly it can be if it is neglected. We’re on a mission to protect SMEs with affordable military-grade protection. 

Minimize the risk of cyber incidents to your business, as well as the potential impact of cyber incidents if they do occur. With the right cybersecurity tools in place, you can better secure your reputation, operations and finances against internal cyber incidents and attacks from today’s cyber threats. 

piece of paper with a list of unsafe passwords for cyber security

Trust is a precious commodity in the world of business, one that takes time and effort to cultivate. It’s like a delicate thread that weaves through the fabric of your brand, connecting you with your customers on a deep and personal level. Yet, just as easily as trust can be built, it can also unravel in the blink of an eye.

By prioritizing the security of your business, you’re not only safeguarding your assets but also fortifying the very foundation upon which your reputation stands. Your customers rely on you to keep their personal information safe, their transactions secure, and their interactions with your brand free from cyber threats.

Cyber security expert using laptop to help customers

Ensure that your business is able to stay on the road to success and great customer outcomes by making it resilient to cyber threats. Even if a cyber attack does occur, it’s possible to get your business back on the road reliably and efficiently.  

Cybersecurity goes hand-in-hand with adherence to data protection regulations such as HIPAA and the GLBA. Our dual-knowledge of cybersecurity and how to use IT to gain observability and control over compliance in your systems, enables us to create cyber-secure, efficient and compliant IT solutions for SMEs. 

Hacker gaining access to information on a computer

Military-Grade Cybersecurity solutions

Protect Your data, devices, network and users

We have a breadth and depth of cybersecurity expertise for businesses, enabling us to wrap SMEs with multiple layers of protection. 


Endpoint Security

Your devices are gateways to your sensitive data and network. We offer encryption, antivirus, browser protection and remote monitoring and maintenance to ensure your devices are kept secure.


User Security

We can help you to secure your accounts and staff by implementing robust access controls, training your team to identify and respond to cyber threats effectively, and empowering IT best practices.


Network Security

Your network is the foundation for your operations and security. We offer vulnerability assessments and network protection measures such as monitoring tools and firewalls to secure your network from cyber threats.


Data Protection

We can help you to keep your data secure using a range of methods, including encryption, secure storage solutions, server security measures, antivirus solutions and more.


Detect vulnerabilities, find out how to address them with actionable insights, and empower the security of your business today and tomorrow. 

User awareness training

From Weakest Link To Strongest Asset

Most cyber incidents are connected to user errors, with the most common cause of data breaches being phishing attacks. Our user awareness training is highly effective at empowering your users to use cyber secure best practices and to identify and address common and sophisticated phishing attacks alike. 

Endpoint Protection

Protect Your Devices

Endpoints include your laptops, computers, network hardware like servers and routers, and more. We offer a holistic endpoint protection solution that keeps your devices encrypted, up to date, and protected by anti malware measures, keeping cyber threats such as ransomware at bay. 

Cyber attack on computer because of lack of data protection

Data Protection

Protect Your Business and Customers

We offer a holistic range of data protection solutions that can also be tailored to meet the regulatory requirements that your business has around protecting its data. 

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure Business Continuity

Our data backup and recovery solution enables your business to securely duplicate its data on a regular basis and to restore it quickly and reliably whenever needed. We can take care of this for your business and test recovery processes against multiple different scenarios, giving peace of mind and much more resilience against cyber incidents for your business. 

A computer laptop is putting on a meeting table surrounded by various equipment.

Active Email Protection

Safeguard Your Inboxes

Deploy advanced email filtering tools that prevent cyber threats from landing into the inboxes of your team, enabling them to focus on work and to operate securely. 


Detect vulnerabilities, find out how to address them with actionable insights, and empower the security of your business today and tomorrow.