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VOIP Phone Systems

Highly cost-effective, scalable and feature-rich, VoIP is a powerful telephony solution for SMBs.

Unleash the benefits of voip

Empower productivity, Service and Collaboration

VoIP enables your business to conduct calling using smart devices with an internet connection and to unify its communications together, enabling your business to streamline workflows, collaboration and customer service, while lowering the costs associated with traditional telephony solutions.

Intuitive, easy to use, and integrable with our applications such as your CRM or Microsoft 365 platform, VoIP’s features such as voicemail to email, call forwarding, contextualised calling, click-to-call and more, enables your teams to achieve more in less time. 

VoIPs flexibility and integrability with other applications makes it a great solution for unifying communication and collaboration in your business, making it easier to find, share and use information across your business’s communication and client delivery activities. 

Closeup of a VOIP telephone system and desktop in an office.

VoIP is a highly scalable telephony solution that removes the complexity and costs around investing in infrastructure and devices for telephony. Instead, you can add new users and lines at the push of a button, enjoy lower hardware investment costs, and pay for your VoIP service based on flexible monthly subscriptions. 

Headset headphones and VOIP telephone system in call centre

Robust cyber security measures can be wrapped around VoIP hosting and communication data, ensuring privacy and data protection against prying eyes. VoIP is also a compliance-friendly solution, offering call logging, monitoring and performance reporting to make regulatory adherence easier. 

VOIP Telephone system communication and headphone with microphone on work desk

VoIP's Features

Achieve More and save more

Because of its features and cost-effectiveness, VoIP is becoming an increasingly mainstream solution for businesses seeking to drive improved performance and service delivery at a lower cost, making it a profitable investment.

Quality Calling

Crystal-Clear Calling

Using powerful cloud-hosted services, VoIP offers high-quality calling for businesses, making it easier to collaborate, serve customers and maintain accurate records.

App Integrations

Elevate Productivity

VoIP software can integrate with other popular applications, making it easier to share data between different channels and to automate workflows and complete them more efficiently.

Advanced Features

Feature Rich

VoIP offers the features of traditional phone systems such as call logging, forwarding and contact management, alongside newer features such as calling using laptops and tablets, virtual numbers, and more comprehensive analytics and reporting.

Easily Scalable

Grow Seamlessly

Adding new users and lines as well as configuring your VoIP solution can be done at the push of a button, making it easier to manage and expand your telephony in-step with your needs.

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Office worker answering VOIP telephone system

Unify Communications

Simplify And Empower

By unifying your communications with VoIP, your team will be able to deliver better customer experiences and collaborate more quickly and easily, as well as share information more seamlessly between different channels, enabling your business to ramp up its productivity and efficiency. 

Secure and compliance friendly

Secure telephony

We offer robust cyber security protection for your VoIP hosting and VoIP communications and data in alignment with rigorous data protection standards. We can also adapt VoIP solutions to meet your unique regulatory compliance requirements, making it easier to monitor, enforce and report on your compliance standards. 

Microphone headset of customer support phone operator at workplace on the laptop.


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